HR Management

We offer the following human resource services in accordance with the Labour Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We think, that enjoying our services,  you can spare more time on your business.


  • Agreement compiling with employees according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Issuing by the company the orders when hiring the employees, changing position and discharging, including other orders on leaves and business trips;
  • Report preparing and making additions and amendments to the labor agreement by mutual consent of the Employer and the Employee;
  • Termination of labor agreement (indicating the grounds) and providing the rights of employees;
  • Providing the employees with leave rights (including labor, education, creative work, social, non-compensation leaves);
  • Providing the employees with social insurance;
  • Providing employees with work-record cards;
  • Preparing work-record cards registration;
  • Providing the rights of the employees working under harmful working conditions;
  • Providing the rights of the women and the employees under 18;
  • Providing the rights of disabled persons;
  • Issuing certificates and references for employees;
  • Providing the employees with compulsory insurance on industrial accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Providing employees and their family with medical insurance in case of necessity;
  • Compiling all  statistical reports and submission to the State Employment Service;


  • Calculating monthly salary for the company;
  • Preparing time-sheets indicating Employee’s daily working hours;
  • Compiling appropriate staff list for the company;
  • Calculation of annual leaves and compensation for not used leaves for employees;
  • Payment for days-off and holidays;
  • Providing the rights of employees working overtime;
  • Calculation of lump sum amounts for employees on illness, pregnancy and childbirth, staff reduction, military service, other amounts for child care till 3 years old and other allowances.
  • Preparation of final calculations;
  • Payment for temporary substitution;
  • Providing  the employee’s rights for being on idle time through  the employer’s or the employee’s fault;
  • Preparation of accounting documentation of the employees;


  • Supervision on site tax inspection carried on by State Labour Inspection and State Social Defence Fund.