Financial consulting

  • Advice on tax liabilities and design of tax efficient business structures;
  • Preparation and application of management and statutory accounts;
  • Consultation about taxes and other liabilities incurred within contractual agreements;
  • Registration of contracts, and monitoring receivables and cash-flow;
  • Marketing and Business Development Strategy;
  • Current service;
  • Management of customers rights and obligations within legal requirements;

Legal consulting

  • Legal issues (including tax, civil, property, social insurance, labor);
  • Legal examination and regulation of internal documentation of the companies (agreements etc.);
  • Defending the rights of the companies enjoying our services before other companies, state (State Social Defence Fund, Tax Bodies, Statistics Committee, Employment Fund and others) and non-governmental organizations and appropriate courts;
  • Laying claims in appropriate courts on tax disputes;
  • Registration of the legal person; (registration as VAT payer & opening bank account)
  • Legal support accompanied by projects and dealings including; (including compiling and inspection of rent agreement; obtaining feature code; &registration of cash register; )
  • Liquidation and suspending the activity of legal persons;