The best consulting company …

The best consulting company is the one which enjoys trust and confidence of its clients... The best consulting company is the one which dedicates to helping organizations to solve important issues.

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Taxes in Azerbaijan Republic

Tax is the charge which has to be given by the citizen to the government in support. Tax must be paid on your income and on your assets according to each government. Government runs through proper tax payments by the people of that country.

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Accounting outsourcing yesterday and today

Relatively recently, the term “outsourcing” entered into the sphere of small and medium businesses. However, many businessmen and owners of companies do not fully understand the nature and importance of this concept. But the point is this: the company charges the third party to regulate certain business processes. 

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Training is a method of active learning, designed to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes. The training has frequently been used, if the desired result – is not only new information but also usage the knowledge gained in practice. 

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Consulting – a type of service (usually payable), provided to corporate clients interested in optimizing their business. Simply speaking, a consulting company (consulter) eventually assumes the obligation to increase the profit of customer for a certain period and gets n% income from the profit. For this purpose, as a rule, consulter is trusted broad authority, up to inclusion as a specialist consulter in the management of the company-client with the right of strategic decisions.

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